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Working with high impact, change resistant drinkers. 
At any one time the majority of problem drinkers are not engaged in services, and of those who do engage approximately 50% will quickly drop out. Specialist alcohol services have traditionally worked with people who are motivated to change. However, research suggests that those who drop out of treatment, are likely to be among the most risky or vulnerable individuals in the community.
Alcohol Change UK has estimated that there are at least 250 high impact, change resistant problem drinkers in typical London borough and they will impose a cost burden on public services of at least £12 million per annum.

This course will help participants to work more effectively with change resistant drinkers. By the end of this course participants will be able to:
• Identify change resistant clients who need to be targeted;
• Understand the rationale for attempting to intervene with this client group;
• Understand in greater detail the physical and psychological effects of alcohol
• Be able to use the “assessing barriers to change” framework;
• Understand the range of techniques available for use with this group including risk management, nutrition and harm reduction approaches;
• Be able to use the 12 questions tool
• Understand the legal powers available to manage this client group including the new anti-social framework
• Formulate a realistic intervention plan for a treatment resistant drinker

This course is facilitated by Alcohol Change UK. 

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